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Ikuo Taniguchi
Certified Public Accountant (Registration No. 29622)
Tax Attorney (Registration No. 122971)
MBA from Cornell University in the USA (graduated in 2004)

Taniguchi set out to become a certified public accountant based on his belief that numbers are a global language and becoming a CPA would expand his work beyond national boundaries. In 1994 he passed the CPA exam and joined the Japanese office of a foreign auditing firm before becoming registered as a CPA in 1997. In that capacity, he was involved in internal and external statutory audits of international corporations, international M&As, a project to improve the account settlement operations of a leading mobile carrier and other such work. At the same time, he decided that he would like to study business again from an international perspective and went abroad to Cornell University in the USA where he earned an MBA degree. Inspired by the American economy, the depth of which is supported by highly developed finance, he went to work for a foreign investment bank upon his return to Japan. There he was involved in the execution of many transactions for Japanese corporations, business owners and wealthy individuals.

As someone who displays more of his abilities the more complex a project gets, Taniguchi is an accountant that understands the meaning of the word “liquidity.”

 Following the Lehman Shock, he sought to find new areas of personal growth and decided to go out on his own. In May 2012, he resigned from the securities company where he worked, and in October of the same year, he established his own accounting and tax firm. He continues that work to this day.



Name Taniguchi Partners International Accounting & Tax Office
Since October 2012

#401 Cross Office Mita 5-29-20 Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014 [MAP]

Tel +81 3-6277-0009
Fax +81 3-6277-0049
Representative Ikuo Taniguchi
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Affiliates Kyukyoku Keiri.com LLC, Rely-on Partners LLC