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Taniguchi Partners Accounting and Tax Office Launches a Virtual Accounting Outsourcing Business

- Just Send Pictures of your Receipts! A Tax Attorney will then take care of your Bookkeeping and Tax Processing -

Taniguchi Partners Accounting and Tax Office (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President, Certified Public Accountant, and Tax Counselor: Ikuo Taniguchi), founder of limited liability company (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Senior Partner: Ikuo Taniguchi) has announced today, Tuesday May 21th, the launch of (, a virtual accounting outsourcing service that will handle all your accounting troubles.

This service operates on the basis of pictures of receipts being taken and sent by customers’ smart phones. The company not only acts as a bookkeeping agent, but it also provides a service accurately tailored to the business of each individual customer, offering real-time accountancy and tax advice.

The company provides its own application for the iPhone, iPad, as well as Android devices. However, this service is also accessible even without the use of the application. Furthermore, you do not need any other type of software or commercial accounting software in order to use this service.

All you need to do is register your e-mail address to start using the service. Even after registration, the service avoids imposing any restrictions or demands on the user in as much as possible. The word Kyukyoku (“ultimate” in English) in has been chosen to reflect the fact that this service could not have been designed to be any easier to use.

The company is currently offering a free-of-charge 60-day trial, available for users signing up until the end of June. Furthermore, it also offers applicants a rescue service pack whereby they will handle your pile of six months’ worth of unprocessed receipts free-of-charge.


How to Start Using the Service

1. Registration at:

 - HP:

 - Tel: +81 3-6277-0009, +81 70-5463-1952

 - Mail:

2. Software installation:

 - Install application

 - Set e-mail address

3. Start using the service:

 - Start sending data



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Customer Comments

IT Company: We first started using this service hoping to process our expenses more efficiently. However, the service has been so useful to us that the company is now handling all our company’s accounts and tax affairs. They do not only act as a bookkeeping agent, but they also provide services by a certified public accountant/tax counselor, which gives us a great sense of security. Furthermore, the certified public accountant/tax counselor offers a wide range of services, including in the area of international business, so we would strongly recommend this company to businesses wishing to expand abroad in the future.

Designer: For many years I have used a different tax counselor to handle my affairs, but then I changed to use Kyukyoku Keiri. The best for me is their ability to offer me good advice. I have used them a lot, in particular with regard to tax savings. They not only provide advice on individual earnings, but they also provide a comprehensive range of services for planning companies, asset management companies, and other similar companies, so they have been extremely useful to me.


URL: http://www.

Application page: (AppStore)(Android Store


Management Profile

Ikuo Taniguchi

Certified Public Accountant (Registration No. 29622)

Tax Attorney (Registration No. 122971)

MBA from Cornell University in the USA (graduated in 2004)

Taniguchi set out to become a certified public accountant based on his belief that numbers are a global language and becoming a CPA would expand his work beyond national boundaries. In 1994 he passed the CPA exam and joined the Japanese office of a foreign auditing firm before becoming registered as a CPA in 1997. In that capacity, he was involved in internal and external statutory audits of international corporations, international M&As, a project to improve the account settlement operations of a leading mobile carrier and other such work. At the same time, he decided that he would like to study business again from an international perspective and went abroad to Cornell University in the USA where he earned an MBA degree. Inspired by the American economy, the depth of which is supported by highly developed finance, he went to work for a foreign investment bank upon his return to Japan. There he was involved in the execution of many transactions for Japanese corporations, business owners and wealthy individuals.

As someone who displays more of his abilities the more complex a project gets, Taniguchi is an accountant that understands the meaning of the word “liquidity.”

Following the Lehman Shock, he sought to find new areas of personal growth and decided to go out on his own. In May 2012, he resigned from the securities company where he worked, and in October of the same year, he established his own accounting and tax firm. He continues that work to this day.


Hideyuki Konagai

US Certified Public Accountant (USCPA), Financial Planner, Real Estate Transaction Specialist

Worked at major accountancy and consultancy firms. Worked on many projects, principally in M&A and financial strategy, as financial strategy consultant to improve cash flows and add value. Concurrently, personally focused on improving financial literacy, built experience and practice as an individual and provided education in investment and asset management with a strong emphasis on cash flows.

In recent years, actively invested internationally as an individual investor as well as supporting clients in international investments and entering international markets. Furthermore, through experiencing a range of work environments while working in advertisement and getting involved in the establishment and management of foreign firms and venture capital firms, got exposed to interpersonal relations and psychology and was incited to learn counseling. Particularly adept at cognitive behavioral therapy, which makes self-counseling possible.


For inquiries: LLC, PR: Ogasawara


TEL: +81 3-6277-0009


Company’s Description

Name: LLC

Representative: Ikuo Taniguchi

Location: Minami Azabu Centre 2F 4-12-25 Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047 Japan

Date of incorporation: March 4, 2013

URL: http://www.

Main business: Service